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Personal robots with individual AI adapted to customer requirements.

The future has got now. Artificial intelligence and personal robots have become affordable for everyone.
Now you can rent a personal robot with AI programmed according to your wishes and specifications from monthly 25 EUR - 1000 EUR.
The offers include service for hardware, AI control and updates.

Intercollect, AI, KI, artificial intelligence, Software
What is AI ?
What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? There are many definitions, among them, the one of the University of Stanford, which identifies it as “a science and a set of computational techniques that are inspired - albeit typically operating in a different way - by the way in which human beings use their nervous system and their body to feel, learn, reason and act

Artificial Intelligence, for example, can improve our lives by driving in our place, taking care of elderly people in need of assistance, carrying out dangerous and arduous jobs, helping us make informed decisions, rationally managing large amounts of data that would otherwise be difficult to interpret, allowing us to communicate while not knowing the language of our interlocutors, following us in our studies or increasing cultural and entertainment experiences or speeding up bureaucratic procedures.

The potential of Artificial Intelligence for Public Administration is manifold. Nevertheless, the scientific community and public opinion highlight some critical issues that must be taken into account in order to prevent distorted effects in the application of these tools and technologies. With reference to machine learning systems, it already happens today that both the data that an AI feeds on and the algorithms it consists of produce bias distorted interpretations of the information in its possession - affecting its “reasoning” and leading it into error. Making predictions with inadequately designed tools can only lead to wrong and, in many cases, even ethically incorrect decisions .

Intercollect, AI, KI, artificial intelligence, Software

If correctly designed and implemented, AI technologies can in fact guarantee concrete prospects for improving the quality of life. In the relationship between citizens and public administration, they will be able to allow greater accessibility to public services, facilitating a substantial reduction in their costs, with benefits in terms of reduction of social spending, which can thus be reallocated. In perspective, it will be possible to enhance many procedures with adequate automation, offering citizens the opportunity to interact with the State in a more agile, effective and personalised way.

We will all benefit from this, including the elderly, the disabled and citizens belonging to the disadvantaged categories. This will allow Public Administration to recover and strengthen the relationship of trust with the community. In order to encourage this recovery, introducingtechnologies such as AI in PA requires technical and administrative, but also systemic, narrative and aesthetic interventions, capable of generating meaning and involvement.

Invest in the future, invest in AI.


AI for health and diagnostics.
AI for service work.
AI for Stock Exchange - Trading.
AI for yachts, autonomous driving.
AI with learning programs for children and students.
AI for office, call center, info center.
AI for discounter shops.
AI for shopping malls.
AI for restaurants.
AI for car seller shops.


AI for airports. Covid 19 control.
AI for seniors and senior homes.
Help, Entertainment and control.
AI for face recognition, recognition of objects, products.


Hardware - robot factories from USA, Japan and China.
Hardware - robot service, sale and lease company in Europe.
Organizations for the care of the elderly in apartments and old people's homes.
AI Software companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Tesla, Apple.
Cooperations with about 60 programmers for open source AI.
Specialists in programming AI.


KI for Sport - Football - Training
Hardware: Trainings center
Intercollect, AI, KI, artificial intelligence, Software



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270 - 430 GBP over the next 2 years.

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