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Our AI create all kinds of videos for you, at unbelievably low prices.
AI programming, AI support bots, AI cctv control


AI Video production

All kind of videos,
LMS, Learning management systems.
Interactive videos.
Marketing solutions.


AI Development

With an LMS, ( learning management system ) a single source of knowledge can be provided with online courses and creating training materials for participants. With this unique source of knowledge, in-house specialist knowledge received, sustainably expanded, saved and all participants be made accessible. (lms lausd, lms schoology)

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SEO Optimization

Artificial intelligence can help you in many things. More visitors to your website, more customers. The Google ranking can be done from page 200 to page 2 by AI. We can provide you with all kinds of texts for websites, blogs and videos.

Our Work

AI Video production, creates videos according to your specifications. Educational videos for students. Marketing videos, Sales videos, News videos. Creation of info and product videos to be sent to customers directly on Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Telegram ... (Discounter, Malls, Service companies) Memory, attention, intelligence tests. Medical videos, Aptitude test for certain activities, jobs. Representation of manufacturing processes.

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LMS Company solutions

Our AI independently carries out marketing campaigns. Webpages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Real Estate videos. Documentations. Application declaration for products and machines. Sport. Car presentations.


Learning - School videos

We create all kinds of educational seminar training videos. For children, teenagers, students and professionals. In the languages, English and German. Marketing, sales, product, advertising videos can be produced in 30 different languages.

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Company IT Solutions

Framework Modules. The software can be configured very flexibly with regard to the choice of a client type, application server and database. All technical requirements can be modeled directly in the software factory in the form of data models, attributions and workflows and stored in an XML format. Our partner has a large pool of already created specialist models (especially in the areas of trade, banking, insurance and leasing) that can be used as a basis for modeling company-specific requirements. Get more informations for free.

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