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Let us create blog articles that will also convince the search engines.
- Meaningful headlines that get to the heart of the topic and make your visitors curious.
- The content fulfills the promise of the headline and is well written - in the language of your target group.
- A well-structured text has paragraphs, tables, lists, and subheadings. The layout also has to be right.

For Google, longer texts with something around 1,000-2,000 words seem to be very suitable. This depends on the user intention and also on the content format.
Not only the length of the texts counts! There are many other factors that affect ranking such as keywords and content quality.
In general, what your readers like is reflected in the search engine rankings.


What are the cost for this service?

Google and other search engines need text on your blog or website to better rank your page and improve your page's position.
As a new customer we offer you the following offer to test our service.
- 4 articles per week
- 5000 signs
- Monthly costs for you: 170 USD
- Price per item: 10 USD USD !!!!
- Contract duration: 3 months
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We can offer you different services.
Advertising campaigns in text form or videos
Articles about you, your company, your product in forums.
We advertise your service or your product.

Talk to us how we can be of service to you.

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