How to make money online

Make money online. Start make money from home. Start with a news tv channel in your town or city.

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Ways to make money online.

Your own news channel.
Start make news from home and make money.
Work every single day 1-3 hour and make 300 - 5.000 USD or more.
How it work ?
We will help you with our Artificial Intelligence software. (AI)
You will get all the information you need to start this business. You don't need to produce videos, our AI will do it for you.
You get your own exclusive license for your city.
After you are a license partner from us, we only support you with information and videos for your city.

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After you will get all information you need, to start this really big business.

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Local Marketing in your news.

How I can make money with my news tv channel?
News channels like the BBC and CNN make real money with news.
However, many people are interested in local news from her own city. They want to see short, informative news videos from the city.
Local businesses don't have the money to advertise on TV channels.
This is your niche. Local businesses can advertise on your news channel and you can make real money.
The more viewers your channel has, the higher the price for advertising.
You are completely free.

How to make money online for beginners

It's up to you whether you make just one news video every week, or three or seven.

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