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We create art videos for you that you can convert to NTFs.


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Art Videos for NFTs


Create a NFT

Buy a Art video from us and create your own NFT

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Sell the NFT

NFTs can fetch a price of over 1 million euros at auctions.

What are NFTs ?

The non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets.
Non-fungible tokens are not a crypto currency, because they are fungible - that is, they can be used against other crypto currencies, Bitcoin, Etherium ... but can also be exchanged for fiat money.

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Invest in Art Videos

We create art videos that are suitable for NFTs. All you have to do is go to an NFT platform, convert the video into an NFT (do the platform for you) and then offer it for sale on the platform. If you buy a video for the price of 50 euros, enter a minimum amount of 100 euros on the platform. If you're unlucky, sell the NFT for 100 euros. If you are lucky, for 100,000 or 500,000 euros.

NFT Plattforms

Usually, NFTs are traded on online marketplaces. Well-known platforms are OpenSea, SuperRare, Rarible or Nifty Gateway.
You can keep the NFTs in a digital scrapbook or in a crypto wallet. This is a digital wallet for Bitcoin, for example. But it's not just about ownership: some tokens can also be used or sold in games or digital worlds.
You need a cryptocurrency to create and sell NFTs. This, in turn, can only be kept in a digital wallet. That means you need the wallet first. There are different providers for different currencies.

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Digital Art

This is a non-fungible token (NFT) Non-fungible tokens are becoming more and more important in the field of cryptocurrency. Hundreds of thousands of euros for the sale of a YouTube video or a photo? NFT make the windfall possible.
"Charlie bit me." This short video was paid for £ 538,000. Why do Youtube videos bring so much money as NFT?
The hype surrounding NFT is huge - also in the art scene. The technology turns easily reproducible works into individual parts that can be sold or exchanged using certificates. They are, so to speak, a digitally signed copy.
Source: Abendblatt.de

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AI Art Video clips

Check out a small selection of videos made specifically for NFTs.
You can buy a video, create an NFT from the video, and then put your NFT up for sale.

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