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Cayman Island - Netherlands - Nevis - Mauritius - Panama
Seychelles - Singapore - Switzerland - United Kingdom
Thousands of companies with Incorporation, Secretary & Accounting get our consulting.

A business opportunities in Mainland China and Asia.
- Client private data protection via our secured-system.
- Business-friendly tax system that allows maximizing profits
- Non-HK source tax exemption
- No VAT, Import, Property tax and no tax on Dividends & Interest
- Easy business set-up and transparency ongoing compliance
- Trustworthy political environment and a strong, stable economy
- World-class infrastructure and good supply of high quality manpower

Northern Cyprus.
Hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world are willing to establish their offshore company here in Northern Cyprus.
Cero % FEE ON DIVIDENDS, VAT AND CUSTOM DUTY Dividends of international companies pay for their shareholders, Value Added Tax and Custom Duties are fully exempt.
1% FEE ON NET PROFIT Northern Cyprus has become a popular tax haven among the European, Arab, Russia and all over the world because of their %1 fee on the net profit.
NO INFORMATION EXCHANGE North Cyprus does not support the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) for tax purposes. This means, North Cyprus does not provide their offshore company, accounts information to other countries.

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You have a company and you need a Bankaccount ?
Your company is in Europe, UK, Asia and you have problem for get a bankaccount.
For setup a bankkaccount for you we need a LOI from you and your company.
Description of the company's activities.
What you need more: Credit card, Debit cards, Online Banking ? We can setup for you.
The fast way to setup a Bankaccount is in Northern Cyprus.
The banking system of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is anchored to Turkey; the banks don’t make CRS/FATCA information exchanges and so the confidentiality of their customers is guaranteed.
Nicosia is the last European capital divided in two. Kilometers upon kilometers of golden sand and crystalline sea distinguish the last refuge of the Mediterranean.
Northern Cyprus seems to stand still at 40 years ago, but it is making giant steps forward despite not being recognized by the West.
The banks of Northern Cyprus offer a wide spectrum of deposit and investment products with competitive fees and multi-currency accounts. They accept businesses from almost every jurisdiction, including offshore and high-risk business models (Forex, Crypto, etc.).
Opening a bank account is done remotely, and the KYC procedure is done in 7 to 12 days.
Each client will be assigned a personal manager.
You not need to deposit millions of Euros! Northern Cyprus is the best solution for your company!

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