Buy or trade Bitcoin with AI

Let AI trade a small part of your Bitcoin or other crypto currency

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You have crypto currency

you already have Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. You are now waiting for your currency to rise in price.
Let's look at Bitcoin. the Bitcoin price is now (August 15, 2021) at a price of around 40,000 USD.
You are hoping Bitcoin will rise to $ 50, 60, or even 80,000 USD for you to make money.
If Bitcoin drops back to $ 30 or $ 20,000, you will lose some of your money.
You do not have the time and the information to permanently exchange your Bitcoins for USD, Euro, currency, if the time is right.
Why don't you give a small part of your bitcoins to an Artificial Antelligence software.
It does not wait for Bitcoin to rise or fall in price.
AI can buy and sell in seconds, minutes. So you can also earn when the price of Bitcoin falls.

Test the AI ​​for 3 months with an investment of 150 USD.
After 3 months you can decide whether your investment goes back to your wallet, or whether you let the AI ​​do the trading for another 90 days.

This AI software is working also in banks.
After the first 90 days, you can setup your investment to maximum 5.000 USd if you want.

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New in Bitcoin or crypto currency ?

You want try to invest in Bitcoin ?
You not have a Bitcoin or other crypto currency number, address or wallet ? Are you interested in buying Bitcoin or another crypto currency?
First of all you have to know that this investment is a risk investment.
You can lose all your capital.
Unlike conventional currencies, Euros, USD, Swiss francs, the prices of crypto currencies fluctuate tremendously.
However, because of these large price fluctuations, you can make more money.
First of all you need a crypto wallet. If all of this is too much work for you, or if you don't know enough about it, we can do it.
So you can make your first investment, a maximum of 150 USD in a conventional currency. We'll buy depending on yours order Bitcoin or another crypto currency.
Once the exchange has been completed, you will receive your current account balance by email.
For example Bitcoin: 0.0026 Bitcoin. (Price today for 120 USD)
The term is 90 days. Then you can give the order by email to sell the crypto currency again or extend it for another 90 days.
In the case of a sales order, you will get your investment back into your bank account.
You can always look at Google during the term to see how Bitcoin or another currency is standing.
Google search: 1 Bitcoin (or other) = EUR, USD, CHF...

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