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Video Marketing

The trends of internet marketing have always been evolving. Back then, it was article marketing. Then came the paid advertising era of PPC and PPV. Today, we have Video Marketing. What is video marketing? Video marketing is the art of using videos to market and grow your business. This could be in the form of using videos for getting leads, building traffic or selling a video product. Video marketing is great because it has the ability to grow virally. Viral marketing as in it spreads as fast and as widely as a biological virus, but in the marketing sense. This can help you reach a wide audience in a short amount of time and at a low cost. People love watching videos, so much more because you can incorporate visual and audio elements which can excite emotions and make content interesting. E-books are so yesterday and have a hard time keeping up with videos which have been getting better and better.

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Video Marketing

Here’s how you start marketing your business using YouTube:
1) Create a video worth of valuable content related to your niche
2) Make sure there’s a call to action at the end of the video
3) Upload your video to YouTube
4) Add a description below each video
5)Be sure to include a link to your website (traffic drawing purposes)
6) Share your videos with your target audience

Remember, a very important part of video marketing is the sharing component. Get your subscribers or followers to share your videos with others to get more views. The more views you get, the higher your video will be ranked. Videos with higher rank will usually be featured in YouTube’s channel listings and this will further garner you more views.

Did you know that videos have the ability to double, even triple your usual profits when used correctly? Yep you heard me right. You can do so by using them as a backend product. You see, after someone buys a product from you (an e-book for example), there is a high chance that they will buy something again if you position your products properly. A video is the perfect product for an upsell, meaning that since you already sold them something, the video can be something related to your e-book but priced even higher but give double the value! You have to make it such a way that it would be foolish to give up on such an opportunity. Your video product could be a video version of the e-book for a slightly higher price, or a massive video collection that complements the e-book priced higher than the e-book.

Videos can be a great way to grow your business fast, when used correctly. But if you commit these common video pitfalls, your business stands more to lose than to gain so becareful. Check out these common mistakes now: Not leveraging on communities. There are powerful communities on sites like YouTube that allow people to comment on videos, share and participate in conversation and subscribe to videos. You should take advantage of this community. You have to get involved in the community and show the other users that you care about them. Not tapping into other video sharing communities. YouTube is the biggest, but there are other big video communities such as MetaCafe and Vimeo. If you fail to tap into these communities, you’ll be leaving lots of money on the table. Not making your videos viral. Viral videos are quirky, interesting videos which make people want to share it with their friends because of it’s funny value.

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